RedteaSIM Drives Massive IoT Deployment.

RedteaSIM for Massive IoT 3

The market is looking for a real easy-to-deploy, low cost, low power consumption and long life LPWAN solution. RedteaSIM is specifically designed for this by driving IoT innovation with solutions that increase flexibility in the manufacture, deployment and management of IoT devices. Our proven IoT products and services have already helped mobile network operators, device makers, and IoT solution providers to bring high-quality secure IoT devices to market and reduce the complexities of connectivity management.

Intelligent Manufacturing

The promise of Industry 4.0 cannot be realized without reliable connectivity to optimize the performance and reliability of operations. RedteaSIM allows industrial companies to optimize the use of cellular connectivity in non-cabled, remote or difficult-to-access areas.

Smart Metering

By integrating SIM functions into NB-IoT modules in manufacturing process, RedteaSIM helps to overcome various barriers to applying cellular connectivity to large scale, cost sensitive smart meter deployments, and guarantee automated meter readings and data collections without the need for field visits.

Smart Building & City

RedteaSIM lowers overall investment for large-scale IoT deployments in a smart building or city, including lower infrastructure costs and reduced installation costs when many sensors are to be deployed. RedteaSIM also lowers power consumption and brings longer operating times to battery-driven devices. Moreover, without a SIM card slot, the sensor and RedteaSIM are protected against moisture, dirt and temperature fluctuations.


RedteaSIM can automate environment monitoring for up-to-date information and analytics with flexible and reliable connectivity. Without a SIM card slot, the monitors can function in extreme environmental conditions, It is often deployed where manual data collection is expensive and to minimize maintenance costs.


As a built-in SIM to keep end users connected on-the-go, RedteaSIM provides a portable go-anywhere solution to handheld terminals by empowering them to connect straight from the moment the device is turned on as it comes up with a preloaded profile to enable initial network setup and connection to available data networks remotely.

Asset Tracking

The cost-effective RedteaSIM is suitable for many tracking applications. Since a separate SIM element is no longer required, RedteaSIM enables the smallest possible designs and low power consumption, which means the trackers can keep lightweight and be used over long distances and multiple times without battery change.

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