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Connectivity Stands At The Heart Of Your Digital Transformation, Yet Shouldn’t Be Your Primary Concern at first phase.

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How CaaS
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Managing your connected devices across many regions or around the world would be crucial for enterprise to drive IoT or even digital transformation, but connectivity shouldn’t be your primary concern, instead, to map out the business strategy and design a roadmap to start IoT journey is more important, and it’s once-in-a-generation opportunity now for C-suites including CIOs and IT leaders,a hassle-free cellular connectivity experience is exactly what you need now to embark on IoT journey. Check out how Redtea Mobile CaaS (connectivity as a service) can offer you hassle-free cellular connectivity experience, and based on this, to generate add-value services.

Cellular IoT Enable Entirely New Business Models And Revenue Streams​

connectivity lies in the heart of digital transformation

The fragmented digital framework ask for always-on Connectivity delivered by CaaS

One of the biggest hurdle for enterprise to achieve great process in transformation is the fragmented digital framework, and what lies at the center is connectivity, especially the cellular network connectivity that enables real-time and dynamic data collection.

Always-on connectivity with backup services or multiple operator options guarantees the reliability every link followed behind, like to monitor, to govern, to evaluate, to manage, to internalize, and finally make wise decision dynamically based on data analytics. 

Scalable connectivity of caaS guarantees the flexible digital feedback loop.

A well-operated digital framework would be a complete digital feedback loop, against fragmented, isolated and repetitive digital framework, and scalable connectivity is in high demand to face up to fast changing business models and transformation, to and to offer flexibility in every part when connecting customers, products, people and data. with real-time and efficient data collection, feedback and analytics to optimize performance, minimize inefficiency, achieve sustainability goals, automate processes, make smart use of data and stay ahead of threats. 

Scalable connectivity service delivered by CaaS ensures quick deployment with open and smart platform and data packages that allows enterprise to deploy IoT anywhere and get to manage the IoT device anytime, enjoying pay-as-you-go billing mode and scale up business without much modification in hardware, instead, hassle-free connectivity out of the box with always-on network.

“cellular IoT connectivity drives the digital feedback loop to grab business value. ”

plan of action

Build up digital feedback loop

Key to enabling success is how companies manage and leverage data. and it all starts with data that runs well and alive ( by alive, I mean real-time monitoring and managing the data) in a well-designed digital feedback loop.


Connecting People

The C-Suite empowers digital transformation, and embracing this shift requires every role to rethink the role and impact of IT in day-to-day experience.cross-functional teams and regrouped teams are supposed to work with seamless connectivity based on aligned initiative, and on top of that, culture, awareness and leadership should also be considered as priority , to reach on the same page.


Connecting Process

To compete successfully, companies must make intelligence of data to optimize their business processes. The core business processes,engage customers, optimize operations, empower employees and transform products are changing. All the process relies on seamless connectivity of every link ad action towards the transformation, and it’s a process that’s constantly being optimized, not a result.


Connecting tools

we’re in a era of software-defined age, with multiple software outsourced for business optimization, like business intelligence, CRM, flow charts, all kinds of marketing and analyzing tools, much as they are well fit in a seemingly complete digital framework, still kinda fragmented without a streamlined scheme to articulate our business scope and transformation objectives, most important of all, many of these tools are cloud-managed and should be connected to the network most of the time.

Leave it to Redtea Mobile CaaS, Connectivity shouldn't be your primary concern.

Redtea Mobile is looking into enterprise digital transformation empowered by cellular IoT connectivity and strives to help more enterprises with our proven practices.

you are not alone, leave Connectivity to us

our cellular connectivity services strives to:

Navigate your digital transformation with Redtea Mobile CaaS(connectivity as a service), standing at the heart of your digital enablement framework, as a package deal or programmable service as you wish.


To address connectivity challenges that may arise in enterprise transformation empowered by cellular IoT with traits like:

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