SIM Innovation for Cellular IoT

RedteaSIM is a lower-cost, higher-efficient, and equally secure alternative to the traditional SIM card to meet the growing demand for large-scale IoT deployment, particularly suitable for massive IoT application enabled by LPWAN (i.e. NB-IoT and Cat-M) requiring a long battery life and only small amounts of data, such as asset trackers, smart sensors, smart metering, wireless POS machine, and wearable devices, etc.

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In the 5G era, there are massive devices needed to connect to mobile networks. The existing SIM card technology has several problems which become a hurdle for fast and massive IoT deployment.

Unlike the traditional SIM card, which has been an additional piece of hardware inserted or soldered into IoT devices, RedteaSIM transfers the functions of the classical SIM card directly into the communication chip, and brings clear benefits for costs, power consumption and device overall design simplicity. 

How RedteaSIM Works

SIM function is integrated in modem chip in the production process. No physical SIM card is required.

Operator data profiles are loaded in a secure process at the time of module or device manufacturing.

Chips and modules with built-in SIM OS and operator profiles enabled by RedteaSIM are ready to connect.

Features & Benefits

Save BOM and Maintenance Costs

Since the additional SIM card is no longer required, the associated manufacturing, logistics and inventory costs are no longer needed as well. The maintenance costs (i.e. costs created by physical visits to swap SIM cards) can also be effectively reduced.

Save Power for Long Battery Life

Compared to multi-chip designs, RedteaSIM improves power efficiency since no separate SIM component needs to be operated, which is especially applicable to IoT devices that are intended to be used over a long period of time.

Save Space and Weight for Devices

There is no SIM slot and no need for physical SIM space in the circuit board footprint, so that more space can be freed up to allow simplified PCB design and allow devices to keep small and lightweight.

Fit Harsh and Extreme Environments

The integrated RedteaSIM can protect against extreme environmental conditions (temperature fluctuations, humidity, vibration, dust, and moisture, etc.) across the long lifecycle of IoT devices than legacy plastic SIM cards that are removable.

Easy for Large-Scale Deployment

SIM functions being integrated into chipset at the time of module or device manufacturing results in huge savings over the exponential complexity needed for scalable IoT deployments in more difficult-to-reach areas.

Serve Massive Connectivity Needs

By programming operator profile directly into the modem chip, RedteaSIM can help IoT applications cost-efficiently connecting a large number of devices in a wide area, and get instant connectivity without any additional actions.

Optimize SIM Lifecycle Management

RedteaSIM streamlines the SIM lifecycle by reducing spend in managing the SIMs and at the same time increasing data subscription, and thus can efficiently manage IoT devices over their complete lifecycle.

Same Security Level as Classic SIM

RedteaSIM provides the functionality to receive and process an encrypted data profile which behaves exactly like a classical SIM. Further more, the integrated RedteaSIM can’t be easily accessed, helping to reduce the risk of theft, tampering, and cellular data abuse.

RedteaSIM Innovation for Different Sectors



Smart building

Smart Metering


Compatible with nuSIM

We’re joined by the leading operators, chipset and module manufacturers, and solution providers to practice the integrated SIM technology. For example, we have engaged in the joint effort to introduce nuSIM, the integrated SIM for IoT. The joint solution was developed in accordance with Deutsche Telekom's open nuSIM specification and consists of a trusted application from us in a Quectel BG95 module containing a Qualcomm® LTE 9205 chipset.

Our Partners Say

"Redtea Mobile is on a mission to simplify connectivity for a more productive world. By moving the SIM function into the chipset, mobile operator data is added through a secure process step at the time of module or device manufacturing and the end-customer gets instant connectivity without any additional actions. We are honored to work with leading industry players including Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm Technologies, and Quectel to provide an innovative new means to simplify the deployment of ubiquitous connectivity in the IoT space."
Xiaodong Guo
VP of Strategic Partnerships & Projects at Redtea Mobile
"The addition of Redtea Mobile's trusted application as part of the integrated nuSIM solution on the Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem, leveraging the Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment, will help further support reliable, secure and optimized cellular connectivity for IoT applications globally. We are proud of our collaboration with Redtea Mobile, Quectel and Deutsche Telekom as it will help drive increased adoption of nuSIM technology, which is necessary to develop the next generation of secure, cost-efficient and low-power IoT devices."
Vieri Vanghi
Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Europe, Inc
"Since introducing the nuSIM initiative at the beginning of last year, Deutsche Telekom has been working with various industry leading partners, including Redtea Mobile, on the basis of an open and interoperable specification. The trusted application developed by Redtea Mobile is the nuSIM OS, which provides the functionality to receive and process an encrypted nuSIM profile so that the result behaves exactly like a classical SIM."

Stefan Kaliner
Head of UICC Development at Deutsche Telekom
"Quectel Wireless Solutions has securely integrated the Qualcomm 9205 LTE Modem and nuSIM OS into our BG95-M3 LTE Cat M1/Cat NB2/EGPRS module to create an ultra-low power product . The result is ideally suited for a wide range of IoT applications such as wireless POS, smart metering, tracking, or wearable devices, where the removal of the physical SIM component helps to reduce device size and save on cost and power consumption."

Dominikus Hierl
SVP EMEA at Quectel Wireless Solutions

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